With all the ways to grow at Armor Health, there is a career path for every experience level.

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All Experience
Levels Welcome

At Armor Health, there are career opportunities for every experience level. It is the perfect entrance point for recent graduates to learn and grow their skill sets fast through hands-on experience. Transitioning caregivers from the military are also exceptional candidates, as Armor Health is all about working with diverse patients in a unique medical setting. Accomplished healthcare professionals are allowed to hone and expand their skills across a range of medical needs, including chronic diseases, diabetes, pregnancies, HIV, wound care, trauma, pain management and mental health counseling. Apply. >


Embracing A
Fulfilling Career Path

Armor Health caregivers choose to work in the correctional healthcare field in lieu of other healthcare opportunities and settings. So many of us feel we are born for or called upon to care for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged patients. Here, you can have a significant impact on society as a whole – and make a difference every day. Apply. >


Frequent Challenges
Make for Fast Growth

Boring is not a word found in our vocabulary. Our caregivers face challenges often, which prompts learning and growth at a rate that is unmatched in the industry. Every day brings a new opportunity to test your skills and abilities, for engaging and rewarding work that is never tedious or routine. Apply. >

Holistic Healthcare
is the Future

Caring for not just the body but a patient holistically, including the mind and spirit, is the direction all healthcare is headed, and Armor Health has fully embraced that approach. Our healthcare professionals go beyond to provide care with not just clinical skills but mental health insights, education, and counseling. This gives our caregivers highly valuable training in treating individual patients in advanced ways. Apply. >


Locations Around
the Country


We have career opportunities in some of the best and safest correctional workplaces across the United States. Learn More. >


Employee Testimonial

“The opportunity to counsel, educate, and treat the healthcare needs of my patients that in so many cases they have never been treated for in the past...or even been made aware so satisfying and fulfilling. This is my place and where I belong.”

- Leni S., Armor Health Charge RN